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New Hitchhike…and discovered RDOC

Posted by arjunghosh on May 28, 2007

Its been some time but i was doing what i love best – Hitchhiking through the RoR galaxy!!!…and am taking a quick stop right now. And did i discovered? this wonderful tool called RDoc. Well if code and that too well, it all goes down the drain if the next person can not come to know what the hell did you make. Well hence as i said lasts time i stopped – code, code and do more code, well this round – document, document and do create very concise document of your code. You would ask why do i need to…well tomorrow you get bored of your project, you are reassigned, you fall into drain….and some one else come in to continue your work. Well he/she will go bald if there is no doc for the app.

  • Firstly, two websites which are of help for RDoc are:-
  1. RDoc Download. From Here you can download RDoc
  2. RDoc Documentation and Help
  • Kevin has also written a very article on Documentation in Rails. Have a look
  • Make sure First and foremost you have downloaded RDoc and installed it. Download it from the site given above.
  • Now few easy steps to generate Documents for your application using RDoc are:-
  1. Open the command line window(dos shell) – if you don’t know…well click on run then type “cmd” and click ok.
  2. Then change directory and go to the folder where your app resides. For example your app resides at “\depot\”, so go under the “depot” directory using the “c:\ [your application path] cd depot” or something like this. 🙂 you will figure it out.
  3. Then run the command “rake appdoc” and this generate the HTML documentation of your application and place it under the “\doc\app\” folder.
  4. You can access it by going to this folder and opening the index file.
  • Well thats about it. Now go do it. Document all your rails app. Until next time.

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