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Starting WEBrick Server manualy from the command line

Posted by arjunghosh on September 6, 2007

Example of WEBrick server running at command line

1. First open the command line window. For windows get there by clicking on start->run

2. The following command will open the DOS command windows. Type the following:


3. Go to the folder which contains the your RoR project using the command:

“c:\> cd TestRailsApp “

4. Now type the command:

ruby script/server” at “c:\TestRailsApp> ruby script/server”

5. This will start the WEBrick Server for the particular application which in above example is TestRailsApp

6. Now this “TestRailsApp” rails app can be accessed by going to the address bar of your browser and typing “http://localhost:3000/”. This will open the default starting page of your application. Now the question is what is number 3000. Well thats the default port 3000 at which the server is running on and hence the application

Thats all from my recent travel through Rails Galaxy…


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