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BarCamp Delhi 3 – the (un)conferance

Posted by arjunghosh on December 8, 2007

It seem its a great gathering on a saturday winter at BarCamp Delhi 3 this is being my first experience with at a barcamp.A great concept I would say, the barcamps or sometimes otherwise called un-conferences. They allow everyone to share ideas, new concepts and generally talk about technology. Which I think is great. It helps to develop and learn lot of new things. I came along with Vikram, Greg, Sushil and Manjula. Shikha could not make it though.

Well I will confess that I had some preconceived notions about what barcamp. Well some of it seem are genuine and some proved wrong. We had some great presentations like the one I liked on Amazon Web services like EC2, S3, Cloud Computing by the Jinesh Varia from Amazon. Also the one on Deployment of Amazon EC2 on Rails by Manik from Vinsol. And yes finally the great one by Greg on “Usability of Social Apps”. One thing though I observed that there was lot of marketing/self pitching. Well am not sure if that happens in all the barcamps. But hey, it is a great place for people networking. I personally met some great people here. So probably am cool with it. There was a blog specific talk going parallel in the cafeteria.It had focus on India and Indian bloggers.


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