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Issues of backward compatibility in Rails 2.0

Posted by arjunghosh on January 11, 2008

I am very happy with Rails 2.x and the hard work that DHH and Rails core folks put into it. But I have a complain : I would like to complain to DHH and the Rails core team about backward compatibility breakages like say changes in the adapter layer without much regard for backward compatibility. I recently faced an issue where the ASF gem(Sales Force RoR framework connection adapter) would not work with the app I was working on, when I graduated the rails app to 2.x. I was forced to appeal to Sales Force. They were very helpful and in fact Doug Chasman (Principle Member of Salesforce R&D ) replied and they took out the rails 2.x version for the ASF gem. But I had wait for this and this cost time AND the frustration and angst I had to go through :). I understand somethings need to be deprecated, but still care should be taken that working things like gem and plugin don’t suddenly stop due to major changes.


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