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Going through a Design & Theme shift

Posted by arjunghosh on May 28, 2008

Right now am going through a design and Theme sift as the present theme is much better suited to display codes. So please be patient. Thanks :)

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2 Responses to “Going through a Design & Theme shift”

  1. Hi Ajun,
    Please visit and submit your blog.

  2. […] My RoR links on function showImage(img){ return (function(){’inline'; }) } var ul = document.createElement(‘ul’); for (var i=0, post; post = Delicious.posts[i]; i++) { var li = document.createElement(‘li’); var a = document.createElement(‘a’); a.setAttribute(‘href’, post.u); a.appendChild(document.createTextNode(post.d)); li.appendChild(a); ul.appendChild(li); } ul.setAttribute(‘id’, ‘delicious-list’); document.getElementById(‘delicious-box’).appendChild(ul); « Going through a Design & Theme shift […]

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