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A very hip & cool parenting site called lil’grams which is built on RubyOnRails!

Posted by arjunghosh on March 3, 2009

Just wanted to do a very quick post on this very new hip & cool site on parenting – lil’grams


And do you know what, its has been made in RubyOnRails!

Do check out this site. It the brain child of Greg Narain who is a well know serial entrepreneur & social media expert.

Already people are talking about it and when its yet to be launched!!

Actually people like NYTime, CNET, Mashable have been talking about lil’grams for sometime. Even KillerStartups has a mention.

There is also a buzz on twitter too 🙂

Yes, some would say its been in making for quite sometime. But as they say patience has its virtue. Ultimately its a labour of love.

It been really a long journey for me personally too. Have been working on it for quite some time. I still  remember those days of sleepless night, long meeting, etc. 

Though I am yet to be a dad 🙂 (a.k.a am un-married), I too  feel like a proud parent my self on the birth of lil’grams  which I feel is literally my baby! 

If you like (and also dont 🙂 ) do tell us about it here which I assure will be promptly replied to 🙂


9 Responses to “A very hip & cool parenting site called lil’grams which is built on RubyOnRails!”

  1. […] A very hip & cool parenting site called lil’grams which is built … […]

  2. Ruby on Rails is definitely the next big thing in web design and something that I am working into right at the moment. Currently most of my client sites are built on Joomla.

  3. Blaine said

    I feel like to state my appreciation of your writing talent and capability to make reader to read the while thing to the end. I feel like to read more of your ideas and to share my opinion with you. I will be your regular visitor, that is for certain.

  4. オテモニャン said



  5. James said

    Congrats for finishing it dude. Am currently in that process now (meetings, late nights) etc for a Rails project. Hope to get it launched soon.

    Just wanted to say good luck 🙂

  6. Greg said

    Nice App..!! Great work..!

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