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About: Arjun Ghosh

What do I say about my self…have been a programming geek for quite some time…but got introduced to this new exciting technology called “Ruby On Rails” just couple of months back….then started my Love Story with Ruby on Rails…thought I will share my experience while I hitchhike through the RoR galaxy.

In short, I can be explained as:

Technologist, Certified Scrum Master, Ruby/Rails fanboy,Agile & Scrum Evangelist, Agile Project Manager/Product Owner,Wannabe Entrepreneur, Social & New Media proponent, Amateur Photographer, Open Source hacker & apostle, Reader, Computer Engineering geek, Literati, Comic book & Cartoon & Animie fan, Web 2.x Activist, Alternate/Underground/Live Music fan, Blogger, Wanderlust, Agnostic theism believer, Extrovert, Outdoor guy, Art & Mixology enthusiast, Dance person, “getting down & dirty” person.

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10 Responses to “About: Arjun Ghosh”

  1. Alain Yap said

    Greetings, Mr. Arjun Ghosh!

    I’ve been trying to do some simple research on Rails adoption particularly among Asian countries in my blog. Although there are countless articles about how good and easy Rails is, I seem to get the feeling that generally Asians have been quite slow to warm up to Rails. If so, are we missing tons of opportunities out there?

    Anyway, can I bother asking you for quick replies to 3 questions? I’m will also send these out to other Rails enthusiasts in HK and Singapore but if you feel I’m missing something, please feel free to point them out.

    1. Personally, what makes Rails special?
    2. Are there barriers towards a broader Rails adoption?
    3. What are the things you would like to see happening as a member of the Rails community in India?

    I am in no way a Rails techie like you are and I may be in over my head in this one but I’d sure hope to try learning Rails soon. So expect me to be reading a lot of your posts this year.

    Happy New Year!


  2. himadri said

    mate, good job on this weblog .. stumbled upon this site while looking for some RoR stuff ..

    thought of giving u a nudge .. can u find out some time to answer the previous post pls/ great


  3. Michael Tim said

    I love your site! 🙂

  4. Hi Arjun

    Cam across your Profile in an interesting way.

    I searched as to who is talking about and what is being talked about Kolkata

    Most of the results were yours.

    But I was a little disappointed to see that you actually live in Delhi currently.

    I am a PHP geek and did have interest in exploring Ruby On Rails (It being popularly perceived as a breakthrough in Web Technologies) but could never give it a shot because of lack of Time.

    Do let me know if you know of any Good PHP Programmer in Kolkata.

    Seee ya,
    Bijay Rungta on Twitter….

  5. I think it is difficult being a RoR developer in India, so good job and hang in there!

  6. Sudeshna said


    Dropped in here from your delicious profile. Thanks for dropping by my site on Bengali cuisine and saving it. The site features 85+ recipes now and I try and update it regularly. Hope when you come back next, you would see some more.

    There aren’t too many sites on RoR by Indians, and from the comments in this page it looks like you’re pretty active in site discussions on Kolkata too. Cheers!

    • arjunghosh said

      Hi Sudeshna,

      Yep, being a bengali, two things I love – technology apecifically Ruby On Rails and Bong Food 🙂
      Your site catered to my second love abundantly


  7. Hey, would like to talk to you about job. Can you email me?

  8. I found your profile while surfing linkedin and was intrigued as we are passionate about the same things. To give you a little background, Oxylabs is the largest social gaming company founded and based out of India. Over the past 2 years we have grown to over 25 million users and in the process we have worked on challenges that most web applications developers dream about.

    To give you a perspective :

    Oxylabs was founded in March 2008 and hit profitability by July 2008. We are currently 40 people strong and growing rapidly. We develop and publish our own products for the global market, hence our challenges are far more interesting compared to services based industries.

    * 99% of our user base is international, hence we are forced to think at a much larger scale.
    * We are the largest developer on Google app engine based out of India and amongst the top 10 app engine developers world wide.
    * Our back end currently serves over 30TB of data and over several billion queries a month.
    * We have developed an application distribution platform that enables us to develop once and deploy across platforms ( facebook, opensocial, twitter, yahoo, etc..) and devices ( browsers, Iphone, android ) ..
    * Our platform includes state of the art data analytics engine and an inter-game ad network.
    * We develop and publish games with complex virtual economies, hence have a lot in common with the mechanics of stock markets such as statistical modeling, multivariate analysis and predictive analysis.
    * We are currently working on developing large scale games along the lines of farmville, Hotel city ect..

    As I mentioned we are growing rapidly and I am always on the lookout for folks with love for technology, a strong analytical aptitude and inherent leadership traits. I was intrigued by your profile and wanted tot ouch base to check your interest in joining us full time.

    Lalit Sarna

  9. I don’t know if you remember me but I am Agnit Chatterjee. We met at the blogger’s workshop at BCET, Durgapur. I am into my 3rd year now as CSE graduate student at Guru Nanak institute of technology. Wanted to know about any internship and the requirements for the same. my email address is

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