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I am Back!!! and so many interesting changes to Rails…

Posted by arjunghosh on December 23, 2008

Yeah I know its been long since I have been away. Well lot has happened between my last journey¬† through RubyOnRail’s universe from May 28,2008 to the current date. New Rails 2.0 screencast by¬†Fabio Akita¬† which is unspired by¬†the¬†Creating a Weblog in 15 minutes¬†the original¬†screencast by David Hansson , Newer version of RubyOnRails (v 2.2.2) are out, Rails officially moved to GitHub and supports¬† Git as the VCS of choice, Rails thread safety¬†is in (though how is that actually useful ?),¬† lot of nifty changes in Rails v2.2.¬† So all in all lot of things have been happening.

I will try to be more regular here. In mean time, everyone who twitter and in New Delhi, India can check out the where I have been posting regular rubyonrail updates and local information. You can find me on twitter here at @arjunghosh.


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