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Issues of backward compatibility in Rails 2.0

Posted by arjunghosh on January 11, 2008

I am very happy with Rails 2.x and the hard work that DHH and Rails core folks put into it. But I have a complain : I would like to complain to DHH and the Rails core team about backward compatibility breakages like say changes in the adapter layer without much regard for backward compatibility. I recently faced an issue where the ASF gem(Sales Force RoR framework connection adapter) would not work with the app I was working on, when I graduated the rails app to 2.x. I was forced to appeal to Sales Force. They were very helpful and in fact Doug Chasman (Principle Member of Salesforce R&D ) replied and they took out the rails 2.x version for the ASF gem. But I had wait for this and this cost time AND the frustration and angst I had to go through :). I understand somethings need to be deprecated, but still care should be taken that working things like gem and plugin don’t suddenly stop due to major changes.


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Some changes in Rails2.0

Posted by arjunghosh on January 7, 2008

This post is mostly as a reminder to self. There are some changes in Rails 2.0:-

1. SQLite3 is the new default database. So when a rails app is created, by default the database support, which comes preconfigured, is for SQLite3. Though I am not sure how popular this move by Rails core will be, since most of(like me) us have been using MySql for long and it has some excellent support tools. So anyways, if you still want to create a rails app with MySql support preconfigured, you simply need to do

rails -d mysql myapp

and everything is the same as before. “-d” is for preconfiguring selected database. So above command will work for any database adapter.

2.The command to generate RESTful scaffold –

script/generate scaffold_resource model_name

no longer works. Instead, you have to do this:

script/generate scaffold model_name

3. In RESTful scaffold, the view files for the various controller actions were given file names such as “edit.html.erb” instead of “edit.rhtml”. The reason is because “.rhtml” has been deprecated in Rails 2.0.

A good link I found on Rails 2.0 changes was by Brad

Of course there is the DHH blog post :).

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Rails 2.0 is released

Posted by arjunghosh on January 2, 2008

Just recently Rails 2.0 was released. So now we have a new beast in town. :). It has some interesting things in it like better support for multi-views like iPhone, new (IMHO more legible )way of writing migration. Rails 2.0 is fully RESTful way. In fact it seem rails guys a.ka. DHH and other have chosen REST over SOAP. I am definitely happy about that.

More detail are here…

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